Knowledgebase: DCLG Guide to EPC (ND)
Transactions not considered to be a sale or rent
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 01:01 PM

The purpose of providing an EPC during the sale or renting process is to enable potential

buyers or tenants to consider the energy performance of a building as part of their

investment. Not all transactions will be considered to be a sale or let to which the duties

apply. These will include:

lease renewals or extensions

compulsory purchase orders

sales of shares in a company, which does not involve the sale of the building in which that

company is located, where buildings remain in company ownership

lease surrenders

There may be other types of transaction that it might be argued do not require an EPC,

for example, living accommodation at a workplace and tied to a job, or not-for-value

transactions, but this will depend on the individual circumstances of any case.