Knowledgebase: DCLG Guide to EPC (ND)
What type of EPC should be provided?
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 12:56 PM

In general terms the EPC provided or made available should reflect the accommodation

being sold or rented out.

In terms of the requirement for an EPC, buildings can have multiple tenancies, differing

lease agreements, various sub-letting arrangements and different uses (e.g. mixed retail,

residential and office accommodation). To determine the requirement for an EPC in a

building, the following should be considered, although this is not an exhaustive list of the

individual circumstances which may arise.

Use of energy to condition the indoor climate and the requirement for an EPC

  • fixed services are any part of, or any controls associated with, fixed systems for heating, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning i.e. those services attached to the fabric of the building
  • if there is no intention of having fixed services and no ability to include fixed services to condition the indoor climate, then an EPC will not be required
  • if a building is to be sold or rented out with fixed services, the EPC for the building should reflect the fixed services actually installed
  • if a building is to be sold or rented out without fixed services, but there is an intention that fixed services will be installed, the EPC should be based on the  building's use class under the planning legislation. This applies whether fixed services have ever been installed previously in the building, or whether the building is newly constructed on a ‘shell and core’ basis. For the purposes of producing the EPC, the activity within the building should be specified in line with business activity typical of the use class and the most energy intensive fit-out adopted in line with Part L of the Building Regulations in force when the building was built
  • energy used directly for heating or cooling a process is not taken to mean conditioning the indoor climate. Those buildings without any other conditioning would not require an EPC