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Saving energy in your building
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 12:42 PM

You can save up to 20 per cent on your energy bills by managing energy successfully (source: Carbon Trust). The simple steps recommended by the Carbon Trust include:


  • are thermostats working and set at the lowest comfortable temperature?
  • are there any cold draughts from windows or doors?
  • are windows and doors open when heating or air conditioning is on?



  • are you still using traditional tungsten light bulbs?
  • are lamps, fittings and roof lights clean?
  • are lights switched off if there’s sufficient daylight or rooms are not in use?
  • do you have any old large diameter fluorescent tube lights?


In the office

  • are computers left on overnight?
  • are monitors switched off when not in use, such as during lunch breaks?


In the factory

  • are pumps, fans or compressed air switched off when the equipment they serve is not in use?
  • can you hear compressed air leaks?


Metering and monitoring are at the heart of energy management. Gain actual figures from meters, rather than relying on estimated bills. Look for trends to find out how your energy is being used.

Cut down. Turning off lights and equipment can save around 15 per cent of energy costs. Reducing the temperature by just 1ºC can save eight per cent.

Maintain well. Maximise energy efficiency by regularly servicing plant and equipment.

Stay snug. Heating uses half your office’s energy; draught proofing and pipe insulation can reduce heat loss significantly.