Knowledgebase: DCLG Guide to DECs
Frequently asked questions
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 12:41 PM

Q. I am a public authority and let a building I own to a private company to undertake business that is not a public service. Is a DEC required?

A. No. The requirement is on the occupier to provide a DEC and as the occupier is a private company there is no requirement to display a DEC for the building.

Q. I need to display a DEC – do I also need an EPC for my building?

A. You will only need to have an EPC if you construct (including certain modifications), sell or let your building. If you do have an EPC for your building, the rating must be displayed on your DEC.

Q. Do I have to act on the recommendations in the advisory report?

A. You are under no obligation to act on the recommendations for energy improvements to the building. However, taking action on the recommendations is likely to improve the energy efficiency of your building, reduce your fuel bills, cut its carbon emissions and could improve public perception of your building.

Q. Where can I find an energy assessor?

A. The accreditation schemes will maintain a list of their members and should be able to provide contact details of assessors local to your area. An energy assessor should always be able to provide details of the accreditation scheme (see the list in Annex B) of which they are a member and their membership number.

Q. What software can be used to produce DECs?

A. Only software approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government can be used to produce DECs.