The inspection process
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 12:22 PM

The air conditioning inspection process will examine the refrigeration equipment and air moving systems that are part of an air conditioning system, including their controls. Any documentation which helps to understand the system, or indicates the extent, to which the system has been maintained, will also be examined. The energy assessor is also required to estimate whether the system is suitably sized for the cooling loads in the treated spaces, and to provide advice on ways in which improvement might be made to the energy efficiency of the system.

Access will be required to equipment that may be located in plant rooms, or outside the building including on rooftops or in other positions with limited provision for access. In all cases the building owner or manager should agree the means for safe access in conjunction with the inspector. The inspector may need to be accompanied by the responsible building manager or maintenance agent at all times.

The building owner or manager should not expect the inspector to routinely alert them to all hazards or aspects of the installation, operation or maintenance of systems that are unsafe. If the owner or manager requires this service then they should ensure that the need is clearly specified in their invitation to tender for the work and assure themselves that the inspector is competent to undertake such additional inspections.

The purpose of the inspection and resulting report are to ensure that the building owner or manager are provided with basic information that gives an indication of the likely efficiency of the air conditioning systems, together with some initial advice on how energy efficiency or effectiveness might be improved. The report should be kept in a safe place and can be used to inform subsequent inspections.

There is no statutory requirement to act on the recommendations in the air conditioning inspection report; however, the inspection and report will only benefit the building owner or manager if the findings are acted upon.