AC CL 1.3 - Refrigeration Temperature Measurement
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 11:48 AM



NOS level: 3 & 4

Scope: England & Wales and Northern Ireland

Issue: Circumstances under which Energy Assessors should measure the refrigeration temperature (Cooling Plant Detailed Inspection Notes within Air Conditioning Inspection Report)


CIBSE TM44 Inspection items PS2.3 (Table 2.3) and CS2.3 (Table 3.3) state; ‘Check that refrigeration plant is capable of providing cooling by assessing the temperature difference, and observing the refrigeration sight glass, and/or refrigerant temperature or pressure gauges (where readily visible).’

The temperature difference may be assessed by practical observation of whether the system is delivering cooling indoors or rejecting heat outside. Additional information may also be obtained by observing the refrigerant sight glass or the temperature and pressure gauges (where readily visible). Whenever they are available, the pre and post compressor temperatures should be entered in Air Conditioning Inspection Report. The evidence to support the conclusion that the system is or is not delivering cooling must always be entered in the Notes and Recommendations section within the report.