Convention 7.01 - Lighting Options in SBEM
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 11:36 AM

If a building’s original lighting design is available, and there is no discrepancy between that and the observed lighting within the building, the wattage and lux values, from that design, should be entered using the ‘Full lighting design carried out’ option in SBEM. If complimentary values are not available (i.e. both values from the same lighting design) the lighting design(s) must not be used.

If the circuit wattage and lux levels can be accurately recorded by the assessor (see ‘Use of Lux Level Meters 7.02’) the option for ‘Full lighting design carried out’ should also be used and the appropriate values entered. Wattage and lux values must not be entered separately nor is it acceptable to input assumed wattage or lux values from BSRIA publications or other reference documents or to accept or use software suggested default value.

If the circuit wattage and lux values cannot be ascertained by either of the above methods it may be possible to use the ‘Lighting chosen but calculation not carried out’ option where the lumens per circuit wattage must be entered, calculated in line with building regulations guidance. This may not be possible for all zone activity selections. The evidence of how the values for lamp lumens and circuit wattage must be provided in the site notes.

If none of the above options are applicable the ‘Lighting parameters not available’ option should be chosen and the appropriate lamp type for the zone should be selected. For zones with a mixture of lamp types please see ‘Mixed lighting in a zone 7.03’

If no lamps are present, please see ‘Missing Lamp Selection 7.05’