RdSAP 9.08 - Waste water heat recovery
Posted by Mike Gordon on 24 July 2015 03:14 PM


Include only if found in database. When the model cannot be found no default option is available but the presence of the device should be recorded in site notes.

For instantaneous types:

- Number of rooms with bath and/or shower includes rooms with only an electric shower. If two showers found in a room, count as one.

- Only mixer showers count for instantaneous waste water heat recovery. Mixer shower means a shower where the hot water is provided by a boiler (combi or regular), heat pump or immersion heater, and the shower must be permanent i.e. not temporarily attached to bath taps when in use.

For storage types:

- Record the total number of baths and showers of any type

- Record the total number of baths and showers connected to the waste water heat recovery system.