Minimum Evidence for auditing EPCs
Posted by Mike Gordon on 24 July 2015 08:27 AM

The following table has been extracted from the Non Domestic EPC 3&4 Scheme Operating requirements for auditing.

DCLG requires the following as ‘minimum evidence’


Minimum Evidence Requirements

Data file, and or software data collection forms, relating to information used by an EA to calculate and EPC

Site Notes

Design Floor Plan, elevations, sections, building log book etc which allows the EPC to be recalculated

Evidence of zoning

Arial view of building from Google maps or similar that clearly identifies the building and site layout to confirm orientation, or a hyperlink to the satellite view of the building

Photographs of all external elevations: front, rear and side(s)

Photographs demonstrating all construction types (eg cavity or solid wall) with a demonstration of, where possible, the presence or not of insulation

Photographs of glazing types, including sufficient information, where necessary supported by site notes, of the g-value selected (g-value EN ISO 410 )

Photographs of shading types

Photographs of roof construction including any roof lights

Photographs which demonstrate the full range of HVAC & lighting systems used in the building

Supplementary calculations undertaken by the assessor

Evidence for the ventilation rate selected shall be provided – including in the instance that the default value is selected.



Specific fan power

If no recommendations have been eliminated the QAA shall check that recommendations do not relate to a technology which does not exist within the building or is not appropriate.



  • Remember to sign and date your site notes; this needs to be reflective of the actual inspection date.
  • Photos need to be provided individually in their original jpeg format (not embedded into a pdf or word document). This allows the date taken to be checked against the nominated inspection date.
  • Site notes need to be scanned and not photographed.

The above table will be used as part of our auditing process; missing evidence will be clearly marked and could have an impact on the auditors ability to complete a satisfactory audit.


Please review your Inspection and evidence submission processes to ensure that you are able to comply with the Government Requirements.