RdSAP 1.01 - Use of RdSAP
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 03:17 PM

RdSAP is for assessment of existing dwellings only. Where an EPC is required for a new dwelling under building regulations it must be a SAP EPC. Any new dwelling, including dwellings created by change of use, must be assessed using SAP. For this purpose a new dwelling is, in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, one completed on or after the relevant date. In Scotland this applies to a new dwelling submitted for building warrant on or after the relevant date. The relevant date is 6 April 2008 in E&W, 30 September 2008 in NI, or 1 May 2007 in Scotland.

For a new dwelling, where no on-construction EPC has been lodged, a SAP EPC is still required, irrespective of whether the dwelling has been occupied. However, if

- the SAP data set (i.e. the full set of data used for building regulation compliance) is not available and the evidence for its lack of availability has been provided, or

- the SAP data set is available but the dwelling has been altered in such a way that the data is no longer applicable and the details of the alteration are unknown (evidence that the dwelling has been altered and evidence for lack of building regulation approval providing details of the alterations to be provided)

it can be assessed using RdSAP.

Note. In Scotland, a new dwelling for which the building warrant application was submitted before 1 May 2007 or a dwelling created by change of use (a defined conversion) does not require a SAP EPC under building regulations but will, under EPB regulations, require an RdSAP EPC when offered for sale or rental.