Adopting a proactive or reactive approach
Posted by Mike Gordon on 22 July 2015 01:17 PM

A proactive approach to EPC compliance means having EPCs ready in advance of the

trigger points at which they would be needed. For example, if a landlord has a block

with a high turnover of tenants, then producing EPCs in advance of the requirement

will mean that these are on hand to give to new tenants as they are offered

accommodation. This will reduce any impact on void times. It should be borne in mind

however that a proactive approach typically requires surveys of tenanted properties.

Therefore, if any difficulties are encountered in gaining access, the need to make

repeat visits could increase costs.

A proactive approach would probably be less cost effective for a block of flats with a

very low turnover when the EPCs may not be needed for many years.

A reactive approach means producing EPCs as and when they are needed. If there is

no EPC in place when a tenant leaves, then one will need to be produced before the

accommodation is next made available to prospective tenants.